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Social Media Names - Tip #1

Fire Your Designer - Tip #2

Webinar Magic - Tip #3
Social Media Names Matter
What is the best way to determine which name may be available for your business?
If you don’t take the proper time to research your name, there is a good possibility it could already be in use. Instead of searching on Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest individually simply go to a site called . This website will allow you to search all the popular social media sites with one search. In fact, this site will allow you to search 100+ popular social media sites within a few seconds. Learn More
Let's Fire Your Designer
You can literally fire your designer today I'm not kidding!
I've been using this graphics tool for 2 years now where You Can Design your own graphics for your business. The name of the graphics tool is called YouZign. I’ve used Adobe and other expensive graphic editors in the past but this tool is really easy to use for less than a fraction of the cost. Check out the Youzign version 2 which just released in February.
You can try this tool out almost FREE with a 14 day test drive.
Not Another Webinar, Really?
My training on creating stunning sales, optin, and webinar funnels for your audience.
We all have had our fair share of Webinars. Believe Me.. Webinars are a great way to train and provide content to your customers and teams. Business owners are leveraging webinars to increase monthly revenues. Most everyone is familiar with Go To Webinar right well I found an alternative tool that is more affordable and provides more features. 
I'm a working Father with two wonderful kids.  If you find me on the weekends, I like to listen to Jazz and play keys. In addition to my hobbies my passion involves helping others launch their new business ideas or business plan.  I've worked in corporate for over 15 years as an Engineer and  discovered one I like to break stuff and two I think  any type of automation rocks. If we can find a more efficient way to do things that will always free up time to spend on the important task.  After going through multiple down-sizings over the years I decided to test drive starting my own business part-time in 2013. Guess what starting a business is not easy but I've made it through over the years and now positioned to give back to the community .  So here we are my friend enjoy my site, Subscribe to my FREE Social Media Training above and review my business Tips and Tools below.. Thanks!
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